IC-Global Microfinance Bank Limited is the leading Community Banker in Nigeria. Since inception, the bank has set for itself the goal of becoming a market (community banking) leader in retail banking.

Over the years, we have consolidated our goodwill through prompt and specialized services tailored to meet varied banking needs in our catchment area.

The bank has enjoyed a harmonious governance and management relations and dynamism since the inception of the bank. Where a good number of similar organizations have been liquidated as a result of board crisis, IC Global has waxed stronger with its committed, distinguished and disciplined governance members.

IC-Farms Account

This product is a special agricultural finance scheme specially designed for farmers of all kinds of produce such as poultry, fisheries, tree and arable crops; etc. The scheme is designed to enhance farmers' working capital.

Student Micro Savings Account

This is a scheme meant for students in secondary schools/higher institutions. The advantage of this account is to pull resources together and enjoy the benefits of savings to achieve the dream of quality education with ease.

I be Oga Account

Trainees and Apprentices' account scheme specifically for youth empowerment and development.

IC Festival Account

This account allows traders early stocking and easy shopping before prices of goods start rising up at festival periods.

Esusu Daily Savings/loan

This is an account where you save from the comfort of your shop, store or place of business and qualify for loan to boost your business, through your daily savings contribution.